Steve finds out he enjoys ass play. His wife was. happy to accommodate him.

I was the luckiest guy ever, marrying my wife, Kiera.

She was kind, beautiful, and intelligent. A colleague of mine introduced us and we just hit it off.

I knew she had a past, but I didn’t care. I was just happy she was mine.

I guess I’m what you…

Indian cuck asks his friends to tag team his wife.

I’m Romesh.

My wife is Saira, and we recently got married. I considered myself lucky. For I was blessed with a wife who has a perfect hourglass figure and a beautiful face.

I didn’t think Saira considered herself so lucky.

Let’s just say we’re from a conservative culture. And Saira…

Rick invites his well-endowed black friend to fuck his horny wife.

My friend Logan knew I played around with married women. That was fine with him. He knew of my wife, Kate, and my open lifestyle.

What was particularly interesting was that he was divorced, and I knew for a fact he was packing some serious equipment. …

Mel hangs out with her husband’s friend. And ends up doing much more.

Mel and I have been married for a good few years. We have a very trusting relationship.

I’m friends with girls, and her with guys. Unless it’s something we agree to, nothing sexual happens. Usually, we simply hangout with our friends.

We were new to the whole sharing sexually thing…

A divorcee finds comfort and solace in the arms of her son’s handsome friend

I worked with a team of seven at an inbound call center. The others were all women, except for Riley. Riley was an old friend of my son. He was in his twenties and it was a stroke of luck, I guess, that he worked in the same place as…

Chris uses hypnotic suggestion to get Jade to lust after him

I tried chilling out in my bedroom to some Xbox, but my step-sister, Jade, just got home and was making a lot of noise. There was a lot of squealing and laughing downstairs.


Ten to one, she brought a guy back home. Probably an asshole jock or something.


Zach comforts his sexy stepmother during lockdown.

“Please, Mark, can we talk about this?”

A throb pulsed at the temple. I was trying to watch that stupid Tiger King show everyone was on about, and I couldn’t make anything out due to my step-mom crying hysterics down the phone.


Jesus Christ.

My step-mom waltzed in dramatically…

Jude has to teach his friend’s wife a lesson after catching her cheating

Something was up.

I walked around the corner to my friend’s house and saw a suspicious man come out of my mate’s house. I knew it wasn’t Kevin, because Kevin was in Glasgow at a business conference.

The fucker was suspicious because he looked sheepish. He kept looking left and…

May Hemm

Hotwife, cheating and cuckold confessions. I turn them into erotica for all to enjoy.

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