Angry sex with my sister-in-law

May Hemm
14 min readApr 29, 2023

Martin had a toxic relationship with his wife’s sister. So they ended up having hate-filled sex.

I had a falling out with my wife’s sister, Naomi. I’d say it was because her husband was a loser, which he was. Last year, I loaned him a few thousand pounds for a business venture. But stupid me didn’t account for his gambling habit, and he blew it all on the fucking horses.

Let’s just say I wasn’t on the best of terms with that side of the family ever since.

But Naomi… It went beyond that. Where my wife was thin and slender, Naomi was curvy in all the right places. She had a huge pair of tits that just attracted attention.

In fact, it was just yesterday, that the family get together, that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of those tits. Couldn’t blame me, she was wearing this tight fitting dress with a deep plunge.

I couldn’t remember the rest of the night, though. Just that I wanted to keep the fuck away from that tosser, Adam. And I probably drank way too much.

An absolute corker of a migraine was testament to that.

I barely managed to pull my arse out of the shower, pop a couple of paracetamol, when I hear the doorbell ringing.

I knew it wasn’t my wife. She left for a weekend spa getaway with her girlfriends.

I tried ignoring it for a couple of minutes. Whoever it was, was persistent.

“Martin! Open up! I know you’re in there. Your car is on the drive.”

“Jesus Christ,” I groaned, rubbing my temples. It was Naomi.

“Martin!” she shouted through my letterbox.

“Alright, I’m coming, for Christ’s sake.”

I opened the front door and was hit in the face with an unwelcome beam of light. I felt like a cockroach, wanting to scuttle back into the darkness.

Naomi had her arms crossed under her breasts. Intentional or not, it had the added effect of hefting her sizable tits up. They struggled to contain themselves under the shirt she was wearing. It was a touch chilly, too, and her nipples poked through her clothes.

I’m so storing that image away for a nice wank later, when my head didn’t hurt so much.



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