Comforting my Disabled Dilf Neighbour

May Hemm
19 min readNov 22, 2022

19-year-old Robin agrees to help care for the hot Dilf next door, but didn’t expect him to be so big and pent up.

I was asked if I could help out and help look after Susan’s husband, Will, for a week. I was studying to become a carer, so it would be a good experience.

Besides, I had a major crush on Mr Anderson. He was one of those hot, older men who worked hard at whatever he did. It wasn’t uncommon to see him fixing up his truck or doing some DIY on the driveway. Summer was one of my favourite seasons, where I could sit up in the comfort of my bedroom and gaze down over his topless, muscled body as he gone about his business.

And then disaster struck a few months ago. Mr Anderson had an accident. He was at his gym, working out on the squatting rack. Apparently, the equipment was faulty, and the bar slipped as he was under the rack. It crushed his spine.

I went over on a Monday morning. I knocked on their door, and was greeted by a rushed Mrs Anderson.

“Good morning, Robin. Have you read the notes?”

“Yes, Mrs Anderson.”

I looked over them a good few times until I had a good grasp of Mr Anderson’s needs. For the most part, he could do a lot of things himself, but some things like moving him on and off the bed, bathing and mobility required use of hoists and a caregiver. That was where I came in.

Mrs Anderson had a few suitcases and was loading up her car. “My number is on the coffee table. If there’s an emergency you can call me, but I rather you leave that as a last resort. Will shouldn’t don’t be too much trouble.”

I couldn’t help myself. “Where are you going?”

“To my mother’s for the week. I need- Will and I need to reassess the situation. You will provide the care he needs, and it’s all left to me to handle the mess he’s caused.”

“Um, okay. I’ll make sure Mr Anderson is in good hands.”

She didn’t hear me. The front door was already closed behind her before I finished.

“Mr Anderson?” I called out, scanning the ground floor, room by room. I haven’t been inside their house before.



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