Darkness, denial and desire for my best friend’s wife

May Hemm
15 min readJan 2, 2023

A delicious mishap in a dark room leads to illicit passionate fun between Jake and his friend’s hot wife.

I recently completed highschool and enrolled into university.

My family wasn’t well off. Mum worked as a part-time cleaner and dad worked down in the docks. They were, however, proud of me for getting into university.

In a bid to save money, I went to a university in a city where my best mate, Tony, lived. That way, I could live with him to save on costs. Well, and his new wife, too. Tony was ten years older than me, so I saw him as a big brother figure. We were neighbours back in our hometown, and he didn’t treat me like an annoying little kid. So when he offered to have me, I didn’t think twice about it.

Tony was a sales manager for a certain company. That was amazing, considering he started off moving stock in a warehouse after he finished with school.

He recently married Cheryl. I met her a few times. She was really pretty and somewhat reserved. She was a supply school teacher. Anyway, we got on well enough and, providing that I pull my weight around their house; I was welcome to live with them.

My college life was rather uneventful, which is to say boring and free of women. Not without lack of trying. Sure, I had girls interested in me, but it wasn’t like I could bring them home to my friend’s and get my end away. I was in college to study and didn’t want to rock the boat. Better to not get tangled up and deal with my blue balls instead.

Tony’s place had two bedrooms. One had air con and the other didn’t. This was significant since summer was approaching, and the temperature was north of thirty on a good day. No prizes for guessing which room I was given. Opening the windows didn’t seem to help much. It was like opening up the door to an oven turned to max.

I came home early from university after submitting a dissertation. I had to burn the midnight oil to get it done. It was scorching, so after a shower; I snuck into Tony’s bedroom to cool off. I cranked the air con right up, enjoying the Arctic breeze filling the room. It was pitch black because Tony had black-out curtains, which were supposed to help block out heat. No one was home. It was…



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