I want to be cucked by my Indian wife

May Hemm
19 min readMar 23

Chara talking about her colourful past unleashes a naughty desire Matt didn’t know he had inside him.

I stretched out on the bed like a starfish, working the day’s exertion out of my muscles. The bathroom door was left ajar and Chara was humming softly over the sound of the shower running.

It wasn’t a song I was familiar with. Something she enjoyed back in her home country. Still, it was nice to hear her voice.

I wondered what I had done in my life to be so lucky to get a wife like Chara. We met at work and I was head over heels for her almost immediately. I thought she was totally out of my league, with her long, beautiful hair and gorgeous smile. An amazing pair of breasts, too, and the peachiest ass I ever laid my eyes on. Okay, Chara was the only girl I ever been with, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a knockout. She had an aura about her, exotic and alluring. Guys checked her out, and at first, I had to reign in my jealousy. I didn’t want to fuck things up with her.

But most of all, she was kind. She didn’t even mind this trip down south to my mother’s.

Mum was going on a weeklong holiday with her boyfriend, Roger, and we promised to stay with her dog for the week. Chara and I worked in a busy marketing company and it was very gracious of her to use up a big chunk of her vacation to come with me. I told her she didn’t have to, but she insisted.

And that’s how we ended up in a hotel for the night. It was more than a few more hours to mum’s, but some last-minute work crap meant we would’ve gotten to hers late. Better to hole up en route and be there nice and fresh in the morning.

Chara came out of the bathroom, bringing out a cloud of steam with her. She had a terry-cloth robe on and was rubbing out the water from her hair.

“These hotel hairdryers never work tidy,” she said.

I watched her. There was just something about her that made my heart flutter.

“What’s wrong? You’re looking at me with a silly smirk on your face.”

“Nothing. Just thinking about how lucky I am, that’s all.”

Chara chuckled. “Oh, shush, you. We’re already married. You don’t have to keep trying to sweet talk me.”

May Hemm

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