Impregnated by my friend’s hot husband

May Hemm
20 min readApr 27

Meera needed to get pregnant, but her husband was firing blanks. Luckily Jess’ hubby was handsome and virile.

We were at Jessica’s holiday apartment in Devon. Ashley, Jessica and I were as thick as thieves back in school. We went our separate ways, but kept in touch.

Every summer, we made a pledge to come together and have a few days of girly fun and just forget about our worries and catch up.

This time, it was Jessica to host us. What could I say about Jess? She was blond, gorgeous and had a shamelessly voracious appetite for men. So it surprised me when she told us she got married.

“You guys will love Carlos,” she said. “Tall, dark and handsome.”

I was curious. Especially that Jess was the last girl on earth I’d expect to be tied down to one man.

I was married, too. After university, my family arranged for me to meet Sanjay. Both of our families approved of the union.

Did I love my husband? I suppose I did. Sanjay was sweet, dependable and hardworking. If I had one qualm, it was that his proficiency in the bedroom was lacking. Sanjay was infatuated with me. For him, sex with me was something he was infinitely grateful for. He worshipped the ground I walked on, telling me how lucky he was to marry a wife as beautiful as I was.

That was nice, but sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked, not made love to. It was like being tied to a puppy, not a man. Unfortunately, Sanjay didn’t last long inside me, either.

There was an expectation from our families that I would bear him a child. It wasn’t from the lack of effort, but I suspected Sanjay was less potent than was needed for our efforts to bear fruit.

Jess and her husband rented a holiday condo down in Devon. I hadn’t been there before, but I was promised the nightlife was good. Lots of students come down for the summer. Muscle and cock… Just the way I liked it.

We wasted no time letting loose. The girls and I had been drinking, dancing, flirting with horny young men late into the night. A couple of more boisterous ones managed to grab my arse, and one even started fingering Jess in the middle of the nightclub. She didn’t invite him home, though, much to his…

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