Letting my friend fuck my blindfolded wife

May Hemm
15 min readMay 25, 2022

Arthur always fantasized about his wife sleeping with another man. A blindfold and their upcoming anniversary gave him that chance to make it happen.

Trish and I had been married for a couple of years now. In that time, she had gotten to know my best friend, Regi.

He spent a few years abroad, travelling after uni, but he made an effort to take a break from his adventures to come to our wedding. Now, he came back to the UK and even got a job through some connections of mine.

Regi was one of those cool guys back in uni. You know, the ones who always seem to end up in bed with a different girl every weekend. At first, I thought it was because he was black. I’m not being racist — he has that cheeky boy Londoner’s charm that never failed to get girls laughing and swooning over him.

I half suspected my wife would’ve fallen for him if she wasn’t spoken for when they met for the first time.

Anyway, because Regi lived in the same town as us, we practically adopted him. It was just comfortable having him around, not like having a third wheel at all. In fact, sometimes I feel like I was the third wheel when Regi and my wife were together.

Trish was a shy one. She ran an online business from home while I held down an office job for at the local council.

She didn’t have many friends — truly; she preferred to keep to herself. And she brightened right up when Reggie decided to pop in.

It was quite normal for me to come home and see the two of them cuddled up in front of the sofa and watching Netflix or something.

Did I think something was going on?

Only in my dirty, darkest fantasies.

They got on so well, she might as well have been the one married to Regi. It was so obvious Regi wanted to fuck my wife.

However, as much as they got on, I’m sure Trish didn’t give Regi’s low-key flirting much thought. Much less in front of me.

Was he disrespectful? No, but I guess I kind of encouraged his behaviour. A cuddle that went on for too long… A comment that was a bit flirty… I was quick to downplay it as no big deal, and he must’ve gotten comfortable with his behaviour.

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