Playing with my ex-pornstar mother-in-law

May Hemm
22 min readJan 26, 2023

Jules couldn’t keep his mind off of his milf mother-in-law after finding an erotic video of hers. Too bad she was off limits. Or was she?

I took a deep breath before I pushed my key into the door lock and let myself in.

Just a few more months of this, and I would be free.

The house smelled of the pungent aroma of cooking.

“Hey, Mary,” I said, putting the shopping on the dining room floor. “I picked up some things Clara wanted.”

She had her back turned to me, facing the stove. She turned her head and gave me her smile, that made my dick twitch.

Was that really the same smiling face with four or five cocks hovering over her as she begged for them to paint her face with cum?

“Thank you, Jules. I know it was the last thing you needed after work.”

“Its fine, anything for Clara. How is she?”

She stirred the pot and brought the ladle to her delicate lips. The ring on her finger caught the light. Her husband passed away before I knew her, but I was told she still treasured his memory.

“Tired. Think your baby boy is sapping all of mommy’s energy.”

I smiled. Clara was seven months pregnant. I finished work late most nights, so I hardly saw her. It didn’t feel right disturbing her rest.

Guilt flooded me again as my eyes lingered on my mother-in-law’s ass. Ever since I saw that fucking video, it haunted me.

Mary scooped a ladleful of curry and rice on a plate and placed it in front of me. As she bent over, three beauty marks on her breast practically winked at me. Mary had a penchant for low cut tops. Today was no different.

I swallowed down the curry, trying to focus on anything but the luscious swells of her breasts. What the fuck was wrong with me? My wife was carrying my child and here I was, lusting after her mother.

The video I watched… It was one of those obscure vintage videos that surfaced on the internet. What appealed to me was the actresses’ face. She was the spitting image of Mary. And when I saw the three beauty marks on her right breast… My dick was convinced.



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